The WI Stage wagons are all custom made wagons with a height of 191mm in which we integrated an Active Driving Unit.
The special design of the Active Drive Unit allows the drive wheel to rotate without damage to any floor, including canvas or dance floors.

​WI Active Drive Units​

The WI Active Drive Units come in different sizes.
The smallest unit fits in a 200mm high set up and is used in our standard Stage Wagons.
The bigger units can be built into larger constructions such as moving stands, big video screens,...

XL Drive Unit


  • Full freedom of movement in two dimensions plus unlimited rotation
  • No cables, wires or other mechanical limitations
  • Operation on most floor surfaces, including dance floor
  • User programming and operation from a single point
  • Multiple operators and operating positions
  • Operating from different locations
  • Up to 16 wagons in operation at any time
  • Synchronization of any number of wagons
  • Speeds of up to 1m/s
  • Position repeatability to less than 5mm

Small Drive Unit built into a wagon